Autobahn Gallery is the creative outlet of Autobahn Studio. Autobahn Gallery aims to share the fun of creating with others in which the power of visual communication is tangibly present. At the gallery you’ll find everything that fascinates us and inspires us in the field of art, culture and design. Everyone is welcome to visit exhibitions, attend lectures or join in a workshop. On a not-regular basis we host delicious lunches and cozy get-togethers.

In our shop you'll find printed designs, typefaces, curated items and apparel. All apparel is limited to 1 piece only. This way, we ensure you're really wearing something unique.


Special Offer!
In 2016 we've invited 25 befriended designers to each design one letter of the alphabet. This resulted in the exhibition 26 Creative Characters by Alex Trochut, Evelin Kasikov, Thonik, Trapped in Suburbia, Hansje van Halem and many others.

We now have a temporary offer: with every order at, you'll receive a free set of 26 cards!
(Digital products excluded)

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