26 Creative Characters (26 postcards)


26 Creative Characters is a project initiated to celebrate the typographic diversity of todays graphic design. For the occasion of the 10th anniversary of designstudio Autobahn, 26 befriended (typo)graphic designers were invited to each design one letter of the alphabet. The result is a unique mix of styles, materials and ideas: from hand crafted letters with needle and thread by Evelin Kasikov, or the collection of baseball bats by Joachim Baan to the mesmerizing patterns of Hansje van Halem and vector skills of Alex Trochut.

Participating designers are:

Studio Airport, Alex Trochut (US), Autobahn, Bas Jacobs, Baster, DieTwee, Dog and Pony, Evelin Kasikov (UK), Gorilla, Hansje van Halem, Hoax Amsterdam, INCLUDED, Jaap Biemans, Jacques Koeweijden, Jeroen Disch, Joachim Baan, Jos Buivenga, Julie Katrine Andersen (DK), Martin Pyper, Max Kisman, Nick Liefhebber, Roosje Klap, Staynice, Thonik,
Fl@33 (UK) and Trapped in Suburbia.

This collection comes as 26 postcard sized prints. Price is excl. shipping costs.

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