Art Vandelay Sweater


Art Vandelay is a fictional character from Seinfeld. George invents him during a job interview, claiming to have worked for Art at Vandelay Industries. George first forms Art Vandelay in “The Stake Out”; however, he made the name Art Corvelay, and quickly swaps to Vandelay when he forgets the fake last name. He then begins to mention Art Vandelay more frequently in the Season Three episode “The Boyfriend, Part 1”. In “The Finale”, the judge’s name is Arthur Vandelay.

Typeset in a special designed typeface for Autobahn apparel.


This item is a single edition print. We ensure you are the only one wearing this shirt. After purchase, the item is sold out.

Fit: Light Weight Organic Round neck Sweatshirt set-in Sleeve
Material: 100% Organic ring-spun Combed Cotton, Light Terry unbrushed loose knit fleece
Color: Navy Blue with white print

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